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PRAWNASTA pan seared prawns, tomato, celery, onion, garlic, fresh basil and Napoli sauce on a bed of linguine 27.9

DANCING KING seared king prawns, smoked salmon, capsicum, capers, fresh chili, basil and mozzarella with a sprinkle of bonito flakes 27.9

CROC grilled sweet chilli and coriander crocodile, roasted pumpkin and lemon basil risotto 29.9 gf

CRISPY DUCK celeriac pannacotta, crispy bacon, pea ragout and a red wine poached pear 32.9 gf

About Six Degrees Cafe

Six Degrees is a Cafe and a modern upbeat A-la-Carte Restaurant proudly exhibits an elegant and cosy setting with stunning decors which appears to be inviting. We have been operating well for the past seven years, and we are delighted to announce that we will be celebrating our eighth year of business success in November 2014. Many thanks to all of our previous and current regular and occasional customers who have supported us and whom we have established great friendships over the years. Hopefully we will still continue to provide enjoyable dining experiences for our regular customers, and new comers, with our courteous and friendly mannerisms, which we are well known for.

Six Degrees would like to invite all food lovers of all cultures to a splendid dining experience and try our delectable cuisines which offer a vast array of both Western and Eastern food that is pleasing to the palate. You would be blown away by our unique cuisines, namely… the Entre with homemade Chicken, Taro and Prawn Spring roll, or the delicious tasty twice cook duck wrapped in coconut pancake. Next, when you are game enough to be adventurous and taste our one-of-a-kind Main dishes, you’re surely to be spellbound and feel like a “True Blue” Aussie; and the dishes range from Crocodile served with Lemon Risotto, tender Kangaroo Steak in red wine sauce, to our freshly grilled Salmon, and the scrumptuous chilli Duck Pasta. Also of popular interest is the lovely Crispy skin Duck Breast with freshly made Asian herb salads that will take your breath away. For the sweeter palates who can’t resist our tempting desert, and that is, the Rhubarb

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